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Forging Reliable Networking Solutions for the Modern Enterprise

Cyber Consulting excels in delivering streamlined, secure networking solutions for the modern enterprise. Our focus is on developing robust, adaptable networks that meet today's digital challenges, ensuring efficiency and future-readiness. We commit to providing businesses with high-performing platforms that drive growth and innovation in a competitive digital environment.

Our Services

Cyber Workplace

Let us take the pain away when it comes to network enabling your place of business with a Cyber Workplace.

We can bring the hardware, or support your existing infrastructure. But what we'll always bring is our passion for keeping you online and safe. We're leading the charge in New Zealand IT Services to protect your business from unexpected downtime using our cost-effective managed service offering

Email DMARC Monitoring

With email being critical to every business, you need to make sure your emails are trusted. We ensure you email SPF, DKIM and DMARC is set up correctly and monitor DMARC reports to ensure your email is being trusted by email gateways.

Network & Security Infrastructure Review

Need to get your organisations network infrastructure documented, and start building out a common sense roadmap for modernising your organisations network & security capabilities? 

Get Cyber Consulting involved to get the full picture and expert advise.

Business Networking Solutions

Cyber Consulting has may years of working with small and large New Zealand businesses and New Zealand IT Services, helping them improve their network infrastructure to enable them to innovate, move faster or be more competitive in today’s business environment. A good network solution provides network resilience, performance and reduces management overhead for your IT teams.

Remote Working Solutions

The nature of the working location has shifted significantly recently and you need to make sure your staff are protected and are able to connect to the resources they need to do their job.

We are experts in enabling your staff to work reliably wherever their location. We can guide you through terms such as SASE, SSE, SWG, ZTNA amoungst others to find what works best for your organisation.

Security & Infrastructure Tabletop Exercises

One of the best ways to know how your IT infrastructure will perform under pressure, or if your business comes under a cyber attack is to experience it first hand.

Our tabletop exercises are a fun, safe way to run through various scenarios with your team to understand we gaps may lie, or to identify if you're in a good place or not.

Cloud Networking

We are experts in connectivity to cloud and cloud network architecture with a focus on Azure.

Looking to migrate your workloads to Azure, but need help with getting there? Get in touch and we'll help your organisation through the process.

Datacentre Networking Solutions

With many years of datacentre network solutions under our belts, your in safe hands when it comes to datacentre networking functions.

Dynamic routing, segmentation, load balancing, firewalling, virtual routing instances and more.

Internet & Private WAN

We can provide business grade internet services directly through our partnership with 2 degrees. We are also experts in architecting private WAN and internet services to your branch, cloud or other on premises locations.

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