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​Start IT Up (For Start-Ups)

Ignite your digital potential!

IT Services for Start-up's. Transform your start-up's tech journey with Cyber Consulting. Our comprehensive "Start IT Up (For Start-Ups)" package is specifically designed to support and accelerate your venture in today's digital era.

Proven Expertise: Over the years, we've supported businesses from 5 to several hundred staff members. We understand the intricacies of start-ups and the evolving IT needs as they grow.

Seamless Collaboration: Streamline workflows with Microsoft 365, fostering productivity and team collaboration across all operational levels, regardless of your team's location.

Reliable Security: Ensure your data's security with our robust antivirus software, protecting your start-up against all cyber threats. With us, your data safety is never in question.

Assured Business Continuity: Our comprehensive data backup solutions offer consistent protection of your work, ensuring rapid restoration during any unexpected incidents.

Cutting-Edge IT Infrastructure: Benefit from our expert technology infrastructure services, facilitating seamless networking and efficient data exchange to support your business's rapid growth.

Quality Hardware: From laptops and mobile phones to monitors and keyboards, we provide the hardware that optimizes your start-up's performance and drives productivity.

Unified Communications: With our easy-to-use, powerful phone solution, maintain seamless communication with your team and clients, fostering strong relationships and opportunities no matter where you are.

Tailored Solutions & Expert Support: Every start-up is unique, and so are our IT solutions. We provide personalized support, with a dedicated team available round-the-clock to ensure smooth operations.

Why Partner with Cyber Consulting? We believe in laying a strong, scalable IT foundation from the start. Rightly setting up your IT framework not only ensures seamless functioning in the present but also saves time, resources, and potential disruptions as your business grows. We are committed to making your tech journey less stressful and more successful.

With the "Start IT Up (For Start-Ups)" package from Cyber Consulting, you're not just choosing an IT solution; you're choosing a strategic partnership that's dedicated to maximizing your start-up's potential. Let's embark on this exciting journey together. After all, your success is our mission!

Microsoft 365 | Startup IT Supercharger

Microsoft 365

  • Remote Support of Staff Accounts and Devices

  • Staff Device Management

  • Centralised User Account Management

  • Microsoft 365 Mail and Endpoint Protection

  • Microsoft 365 Backup

  • Ongoing Microsoft Security Improvements

  • Staff Security Awareness and Training

  • Business IT Discovery & Documentation

  • No extra charge for onboarding and account setup.

VoIP Phone Services | Startup IT Supercharger

Powerful VoIP Phone Solution

  • Hosted Cloud PBX

  • Voice Menu's

  • Microsoft Teams Calling

  • Voicemail

  • Voice Recording

  • Call Queue

  • CRM Integration

  • Web Callback

  • Ring Group

  • Secure Voice

  • Any much more. All managed by us based on your requirements.

Cyber Managed Workplace | Startup IT Supercharger

Cyber Managed Workplace

We provide everything you need to network enable your workplace:

  • Internet

  • Wi-Fi

  • Networking

  • Printing

  • Phones

  • Security

  • etc

You also get:

  • Flexible Hardware & Software Arrangements

  • Real-time Monitoring & Alerting

  • Incident Management

  • Environment Management

  • Change Management

  • Service Delivery Management

Cost Effective Solution

We understand that finances are tight as a start-up, you are working hard to balance costs vs productivity. We've worked hard to make this package as easy to consume for businesses like yours. Let us know what works for you. We'll see what we can do!

Cost-Effective Solutions: With Cyber Consulting's "Start IT Up (For Start-Ups)" package, you'll have access to enterprise-level IT resources without the hefty price tag. We provide affordable solutions without compromising on quality, allowing you to invest your valuable capital where it matters most - your core business.

Scalable Services: As your business grows, your IT needs will change. Our services are designed to scale with you. Whether you're expanding your team or entering new markets, we can seamlessly adapt our support to your evolving requirements.

ROI-Driven Approach: We understand that every dollar matters when you're a start-up. Our services are designed not only to support your day-to-day operations but also to drive productivity and efficiency. This means you can expect a strong return on investment, as our solutions free up your time and resources to focus on growth-oriented activities.

Unrivalled Support: As our partner, you will have access to our expert support team whenever you need them. We're committed to resolving any issues quickly and efficiently, minimizing any disruption to your operations.

Flexible Packages: We understand that every start-up is unique. That's why we offer flexible packages that can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need more storage, advanced security features, or additional user accounts, we can customize our services to suit your requirements.

Testimonials and Case Studies: We've helped other start-ups navigate their IT journey, and we're proud of the success they've achieved with our support. Let us know if you'd like to hear from one of our happy clients.

Choose Cyber Consulting's "Start IT Up (For Start-Ups)" package and let's supercharge your success together!

What do our clients say?

What do our clients say?

"We were in need of a network engineering partner and Cyber Consulting have exceeded our expectations.  Adam and his team are knowledgeable, accessible and a pleasure to deal with."

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